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    Our dream is to provide harm reduction information and substance identification services for participants during the borderland. We will provide basic substance checking, as well as information on safer substance use. Burn Safe!

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    Our dream is to provide harm reduction information and substance identification services for participants during the borderland. We will provide basic substance checking, as well as information on safer substance use. While we do not condone the use of substances at the borderland, especially illegal substances, we respect the right of borderlings to perform radical self expression, and to do what they want with their bodies. We hope to provide useful information to make for a safer burn. This project is inspired by the Trans European Drug information project, and many other drug checking services across the EU, such as Energy Control in Bacelona and the Loop in the UK, and is standard practice in many other european contries, but such services are absent in scandinavia.

    At the borderland we will have a tent where people can come and get information on the safer use of substances, as well as getting their substances checked using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) methods coupled with colorometirc assays. These tests are aimed at identifying primary components and possible harmful adulterants, but due to our simple equipment cannot completely identify the total composition or quantify the purity of all the elements. The results are thus a guide and not a 100% certain advice, the responsibility still relies with each individual borderling, but we hope to create a better informed base for people to make decisions. If significantly adulterated or dangerous substances are identified, we will alert the borderland community through posting signs around the borderland and at infopoints. We will also provide flyers giving information about different common substances, towards the goal of harm reduction. We will of course shine up our tent to make it look awesome in the quarry. We will aim to have the service open for a few hours each day of the borderland, depending on how many borderling helpers we can get. please write to us if you want to get involved! burnsafeborderland@gmail.com

    About the group/Artist

    A few experienced borderlings looking to do substance checking at the borderland. Last year we had a mobile checking lab which was met with great success and received positively, so this year we step it up a notch with a set lab space and better analysis methods.

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    get in touch at burnsafeborderland@gmail.com

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    all the laboratory equipment we will purchase is crucial for our project to function, as otherwise we can't do the analyses. we will do our best to source materials from equipment we can borrow, but need to be sure we can purchase what we can't borrow. we have also a lot of supplies (reagents, chemicals, TLC plates, etc) which will be consumed (but not eaten! which we assume is what you mean when you say consumables) at the borderland, and are generally expensive. transport will be from copenhagen, and we will for sure team up with other dreams to get things down here, but we don't have our own cars so it will take some coordination and throwing in some gas money for sure. All purchased lab equipment will be used for continuing this project at future borderlands and other burns, so it will definitely benefit the borderland community!

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    • None yet, get in touch via email if you want to help co-create.

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes, for running some UV light boxes, lights, 4 fans/ a small cooler for chemical storage. lets say 1000 watts just to be on the safe side.

    • Will there be light? Some UV lights and basic LED lights, but we are operating during the day primarily, and will have limited opening hours.

    • Safety implications We have flammable and hazardous chemicals (methanol, acetone, ammonia, ehtanol, and 96% sulfuric acid), but in small amounts, no more than 2 l of each of the solvents, below 500ml for sulfuric acid, and 100ml ammonia/MeOH. We will store the chemicals in a ventilated cooler, and will have a fire extinguisher and the proper spill cleanup materials on hand, as well as secondary containment for all chemicals. we will collect and neutralize all spent reagents/samples. A phD in biochemical engineering guides us

    • What is your audio footprint? Talking, but no amplified sound.

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