MOOPicorn army

Peter Munthe-Kaas

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  • Summary

    I want to make an army of magical MOOPicorns hat can ensure conscious handling of MOOP at the borderland through information campaigns, camp visits, events and performances ("moop it baby one more time").

    Full description of the concept

    The idea is to create a fun way of raising consciousness of MOOP at the Borderland. And who would be better ambassadors than a squad of magical MOOPicorns that drop by your camp once in a while to look at the MOOP situation - and maybe sing a song.

    The MOOPicorns can also help make MOOP bags, MOOP stations and such.

    What we need is a bunch of unicorn onesies, some random army gear and som materials for workshops (make your own moop bag, make your own recycling station etc

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We will create a sign-up system which will make it possible for anyone to do a MOOPicorn shift.

    Grant application details

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    Well. As the project is a communal service i find it reasonable to apply for funding for the unicorn onesies and some cleaning equipment.

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