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    During Ascension(May 25-28) at the Syntheist Node, we will gather many different borderlings to co-create prototypes of a lean, agile, teal, evolutionary, metasystematic, wholesome, fun, principle-driven, dreamy way of structuring our event.

    Full description of concept

    Some of us have a dream that the Borderland will become like a murmur of starlings, self-organizing into wholeness. Our current board has been elected to guide the Borderland through an exploration and attempt a transformation into a self-managed, purpose-oriented model of governance. We want this to be something useful for everyone in our community, so we want a lot of different eyes on this.

    This is an invitation to co-create a three-day intensive workshop at the Syntheist Node in Stockholm May 25-28, using a so-called U-process to guide these dreams into meeting reality.

    Why do we want to do this? On one hand, because teal is hot shit and we want to be at the progressive edge of organizational development. But on the other much heavier hand, it’s because we want to be able to scale our community while continuing to stay true to our principles. Responsible growth is challenging and we either need to come up with our own particular way of doing so, or use more standard command-and-control strategies.

    But guess what! We don’t know exactly yet what our own particular way will look like! If it’s going to be an evolutionary structure, it must be grown in an evolutionary way. Thankfully, the Borderland is all about growing experimental utopias out of our dreams. We will co-create a working prototype and bring it to the Borderland. We will only implement this prototype as far as it is feasible and still have the necessary structure in place. If it proves to be a worthwhile prototype, we will continue to evolve it into 2018.

    When you hear the word prototype you may think of machines or objects pasted together with straws and sticks and tape. But a prototype is much more than that. It is the first step towards making a concept a reality, a functional version of a complete product, made to allow us to experiment and see how our dream stacks up against reality.

    This process is co-created and will in part be based on the learnings we’ve already made. I’m suggesting we do it this way, but I want to hear your advice on how to do it better, and we can surely change most things in the plan as we go, adapting to the future we want to create together.

    On the agenda:
    -Review the current state of the community
    -Connecting to the purpose of governance transformation
    -Review the progress of the transition so far
    -Iterate existing prototypes & their results
    -Explore the elements that need co-creation and civic leadership at Borderland 2017
    -Understand limitations in our current solutions for these elements
    -Prototype different ways to co-create these elements for the Borderland
    -Select prototypes to test & set up learning plan for these.
    -Bring them to the mutha frickin’ BORDERLAND!

    So what would these prototypes look like? They might be various types of processes, principles for organization, the training of participants, real actual pieces of art to bring to the Borderland, pieces of communication to disseminate to the greater community.

    What this workshop is NOT:
    -A drop in workshop that you can come and go to as you like. We want to keep a tight container and that means participating in the whole workshop. Some leeway can be made for supporting roles or those who have to work friday which is not a holiday.
    -The official government of the Borderland. You are not out in the cold in terms of decision-making for the community if you are not here. We may make far-reaching decisions at this weekend, but if so we do it because we’ve followed the general way of doing so(probably meaning doocracy, the advice process or lord forbid a board decision)

    About the group/Artist

    We want to assemble a group with a lot of diversity using different categories that are more or less sharply defined. They've been somewhat arbitrarily chosen based on intuition and aesthetics and just a bit of reason. We want our team to be
    9 Board Members
    8 Community Leaders
    7 Archetypes
    6 Facilitators
    5 Chefs
    4 Documentation/Communication Fairies
    3 Randoms
    2 Reality Guides
    1 Guest

    More information about these categories can be found in the registration form behind the dream website on this page.
    Signups will be as largely self-selected as possible, tempered with moderation, and kept under a running update as they fill up. And if we only have 20, that's also fine.

    Don't delay.


    Team and plan

    Tentative plan for the workshop

    Wednesday: Preparations, arrival and chill.
    Thursday: Agreements and tools, setting intent, co-sensing from the whole with fresh eyes, dancing and music.
    Friday: Social presencing theatre, prototyping from the whole, connecting with inspiration and common will.
    Saturday: Prototyping, prototyping, presentations, co-evolving solutions, setting commitments, and a celebration open to the whole community.
    Sunday: LNT, decompression, optional activities.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We clean up on Sunday.

    Budget overview

    The entire budget will be spend on materials to create physical prototypes that will be brought and exhibited at the Borderland.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    If you're not going to the workshop but still want to participate in some way, there are several ways of doing so.

    You could be part of co-creating a celebration with us on Saturday the 27th.

    You can interact and help evolve the prototypes after the weekend.

    You can give us advice and perspectives on ways that the Borderland could make better use of this process.

    If you have some idea of how you'd like to take part, fill out the registration form and in particular the "0 Others" field.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    •  The dream website

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? ↑That's the link to the registration form↑

    • Will there be light? You betcha.

    • Will anything burn? May I burn the man every day. May I take his idealized ass down. May I take the icon of who I am supposed to be and gently release it to flame. May I take its habits, opinions, head noise, timidity, and ego-protective arrogance and lovingly douse them with gas. This is my religion; humbly, devotedly, and persistently performed: THAT MAN will BURN.

    • What is your audio footprint? There will be a sober dance party and concert on Thursday, and another party on Saturday.

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