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    The Schlaraffenland wants to create a place where different needs of daily Borderland- Life get fulfilled on one spot: self-made ice-cream!, candy-cave, vitamins, coffee, cosyness,dance floor with bodyshaking music, fun and playfull workshops - yehaa

    Full description of concept

    The Schlaraffenland wants to create a place where different needs of daily Borderland- Life get fulfilled on one spot: its a small Wonderland, bubbling, yummy, amazing :) self-made ice-cream!, Alice-in Wonderland-candy-cave, vitamins, coffee, cosyness,dance floor with bodyshaking music (more oldies, less techno), a small stage for performances of any art, fun and playfull workshops - yehaa
    Schlaraffenland is that place where whitches, performers, bakers, bankers, gurus, rope-dancers, singers, coffemakers, animals, ferries - the list is long will come together and make you wonder and never want to leave again :) Our place is a mix between a Wonderland, a strange Circus, a theater show and a Bazaar :)

    How does it artistically contribute to the Borderland? The Camp is not only about yummy delicacies but a whole theatrical experience in itself. We only serve ice/coffee etc one or two times a day and its planned to be almost like an performance. We will have costumes that fit the scene. We also plan on having very different kind of workshops and performances happening all the time. We are thinking of theme days like the pantomime day, where everyone entering our camp is only allowed to communicate by pantomime, which can be quite an experience to not talk, since we are used to talk so much.
    We have lots more cool ideas but we dont want to share them all already :)
    Come be surprised!!

    We have a big old fire truck, where we want to build a cozy chill- coffee area around and a small terasse on top. We will bring a small soundsystem as well, which is enough to make your bodies move in the dancefloor- workshop- performance-space tent, which is next to the chill area. We would love to build a proper dancefloor plus small stage, for any kind of workshop - let it be twerking, contact impro, acro yoga, oil massages, womens- mens circles, fun- dance, sensual dance, chair- dance, food orgies, lectures, pole dance, game shows, circus performances, conscious striptease whatever we and You (our place is open for anybody to hold workshops) want to do there.
    We will serve coffe, smoothies and ice cream one time each day. we will have food orgies and a lot of fun workshops and really good music with different theme parties like gender-change party or the naked party! We also want to create a Alice-in-Wonderland-like secret Candy- cave, a small tent, with lots of strange and mind-expanding sweets. And there will be great visual arts mapped onto the fire truck!
    Come and chill, enjoy our mostly organic delicacies, dance and bring your workshop here!

    Our place sounds big but we rather want it small and cosy yet with a lot of activity...

    About the group/Artist

    We are the Schlaraffenland Camp and consist of about 12 Friends and Family Members from Germany so far....

    Team and plan

    We are a theme camp, so far consisting of about 12 People mostly from Germany (and mostly family members) and we need more people to join and help.

    We are open to new Members. We (the core crew in Germany) are planning the hardware of the Camp, meaning, what we need and how to build stuff. Others that want to join can help out during set up and the festival with various shifts

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    we will take have a recycling station and will moop the area

    Budget overview

    Wood, LED, Tools 1300dkk

    Dancefloor material (carpets/puzzlemats) 2100dkk
    Decor material 2300dkk
    Rentals (tents, tools, kitchenstuff like coffemaschine...). 2300dkk
    Technique (cables) 1000dkk

    Transportation of everything to Denmark 2700dkk

    Ingredients for Ice-Cream, Coffee, Smoothie and Sweets 3000dkk

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Contact us, join the group and camp and cocreate - become a part of Schlaraffenland! Most of the camp members are new to Borderland, so it would be nice to get in some more Oldies!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? yes, for lights and sound system, we even need heavy current (if thats right in englisch) for the ice- maschine

    • Will there be light? yes - some lamps and led´s

    • Will anything burn? Maybe (fire) and yes materials at the burn

    • What is your audio footprint? Some music, loud enough to dance, but you can still talk. Some theme-parties. We wont play 24/7 music.

    • Forces of nature We will make everything safe!!

    • Next random dream