The Sugar Clinic 2.0

Anders Celin

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  • Summary

    Let me tickle your taste buds and mind with sugary forbidden flavors beyond your imagination. All hand made in front of you for an unique oral experience using extracts woven in cotton candy, sweet baby tears and pure gold for your ultimate sugar rush!!!

    Full description of concept

    From dusk (when all the wasps have gone to bed) till midnight I will be there serving special treats based on the visitors flavor preferences.
    I will combine exotic extracts, fruits, chocolates, purest licorice, the finest palm sugar from Bali, pure gold, bacon, baby tears and other tasty ingredients and prepare them by torching, caramelize, roast, injecting, cocooning or searing for a mouthful of a molecular gastronomical sense experience!
    During daytime candy will be available for self medicating, to fix urgent low blood sugar, the munchies or healthy teeth.

    About the group/Artist

    A comedian, artist and performer with a soft spot for candy and pleasures.

    Team and plan

    The team is me and it will take about 30 minute to set everything up each day and 10 minutes to clean up after.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    There will be a trash can for lollipop papers and sticks during the day.
    Otherwise the things I will thrill the Borderlings with have no wrapping - straight from making to mouth!

    Budget overview

    I need a cotton candy machine that can take being in use for a few hours in a row (my own one broke last year at Borderland) price 3000:-
    I also need a Parasol for about 1000:-
    And about 500:- for a small glass dome to contain smoke flavours.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    By visiting and have me feed them and thrill them!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? I am no expert in adding up electricity but I need to have the cotton candy machine running, a speaker and led-illumination

    • Will there be light? String light lanterns and a few led lightbulbs.

    • Will anything burn? No open fires, just a small butane torch for Caramelization!

    • What is your audio footprint? Ambient music

    • Forces of nature I am ready for it!

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