Ceremony Dream Lounge

Emil Schlosser

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  • Summary

    KaKaW! Chocolate elixirs, handmade chocolate bars filled with delicious and medicinal ingredients! Treatment rooms with different practices, massage, healing, bodywork. Ceremonial space for group practices.

    Full description of concept

    You will arrive to a nest, where a sacred space will be held, to open up to the gift of receiving bodywork, kakaw tonics, healing. The space will hold Kakaw ceremonies, among other dreams..

    The Ceremonial Dream Lounge will be a room where you can share and participate in ceremonies and exchange treatments (ie. massage, healing).
    It will be a space for relaxation, reflection, belly-laughs, spontaneous massages, mindchills and connecting between creatures of different realms. Put down your nomadic walking stick and lie down in the dreamfluff. We will serve Kakao concoctions of different kinds, firm-chocolate bars to take with you and give out to your fellow creatures and some herbal refreshers. The focus is making delicious combinations of powerful plants that are both palatable and full power! Highs or lows. Calming or ecstatic. Or simply for that delicious break you´ll need at sometime in the night. For the people who like to dance all night and keep it clean. For the people who like to feel their hearts rise above the noise.

    The front part of the Dream Lounge will serve as the relaxation lounge with treats for anyone. Connected with the Dream Lounge will be a ceremonial and therapy space. You´ll be able to sign-up for a treatment – a massage, a tantric healing, a sound journey. The space will be open for facilitators to share their treatments and on a common blackboard – you can share your skills and sign up for a treatment. The space will be open for healers, practitioners, facilitators of different kinds to offer their skills and passions to interested creatures.

    The Kakao Dream tent is for diving into the ceremonial aspects of the cacao. A room for meeting, sharing, holding your heart and letting it flow, to let your wings unfold. Tantric practitioners, well travelled in the realm of the cacao spirit will help facilitate a ceremonial journey into the collective heart space. We wish to create a safe-space where it is possible to dive fully into the heart-opening energies of combined bodily practices and the stimulating effects of the cacao bean.

    We want to create a lounge for indulging in the treats presented above. At the same time a room for relaxation, where you can get a breather. Maybe someone would like to give a concert? Maybe someone with a chilly dj-set would like to treat the nomads with some ear-dribblin tunes? We wish to create a space that can change and be flexible with the vibe. Not somewhere where we define the atmosphere, but it is created by who finds themselves at the lounge. Some furniture, hammocks, the needed remedies for letting oneself sink into tranquility. For preparing for a coming journey or integrating whats just been brought to you.

    We would love this place to be easily reachable, either in the midst or a little secluded.. It could also be part of something else, a collaboration would be most welcome! A collaboration between other lounge dwellers, herbalists and practitioners across the Borderlands! Let us know, we are in no way practicing exclusiveness!

    About the group/Artist

    The group consists of collaborators of different backgrounds and skills. Some are professional bodyworkers, some herbalists, some management octopuses, some craftspeople, all of us experienced in organizing events and holding ceremonial spaces.

    Team and plan

    We are a group of bodyworkers, practitioners of different circling technics, herbalists and potion makers. Anyone with a dream of creating a small loungy, retreat, energy spot is welcome to join! Any therapists, space holders, facilitators are welcome to join also. Also we are open for collaboration with any other dreams that share similar ideas or plans. So lets talk and get together! We will create most of the concoctions before the festival while some can be made on-site.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Some wrapping will be involved with chocolate bars, if they are to be carried away from the lounge. We will bring mugs that can be re-used for elixirs. We wish to create as small as a print as possible! We´ll have trash and recycling disposal at the site and present as little non-reusable material as possible.

    Budget overview

    Cacao for ceremonies, herbs for tonics, snacks for snacking – 0kr – We bring.
    Oil for massages- (400kr)
    Lights, lanterns, craft materials etc. - Estimated 500
    Building materials : -- We will reuse and upcycle as much as possible/almost – if not - everything.
    Wood -- (We will recycle as much as possible)
    Tarps – Estimated 400
    Strings and rope– 200-400, if we don´t have.
    Mugs for cacao and tea
    Kitchen equipment (cooler, stove – if we can´t find) – 400 kr
    Wrapping for chocolate bars 50kr

    Total will be estimated close to 2500. Hopefully we can source many things and they will not need to be funded.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    The lounge will have a crew of main dreamers attached and dedicated to it whom will be responsible for the tonics, elixirs, chocolate bars and maintaining the space, but anyone is welcome to join. There will be a sign-up board at the space, where you can sign-up for participation. Musicians, dj´s, therapists, artist n anyone wanting to contribute their energy to the space. We are looking to create an open space for collaboration. And to post it openly in the Borderland FB Group to invite peopS in the gaMe!!!
    FB-contact: Blomme Slåsser

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Some electricity for cooling appliances for keeping the chocolate and elixirs cold. Also potentially an electric burner for making chocolate mixtures. There will be some for speakers and some lights.We wont be needing too much electricity, but some definti

    • Will there be light? Light chains, maybe some battery driven lanterns. Potentially oil lanterns.

    • What is your audio footprint? Potentially music from speakers or if any musicians wish to contribute with acoustics. Wishing to keep it local and chill.

    • Forces of nature We will build a light structure with some rainproof tarps secured to the ground with rope. A sturdy ceremonial dome will be for group ceremonies. A seperate therapy tent will be put up and secured against wind and rain. Everything will be properly secured.

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