Jungle & Gin

Christian Roman

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  • Summary

    The Jungle & Gin bar sits at the outskirts of the jungle as a final outpost before venturing into the unknown. This relaxing jungle meadow is filled with secret nooks and crannies and of course lots of gin to keep that pesky malaria away.

    Full description of concept

    Before heading out into the untamed wilderness of the Jungle an outpost was needed, a vibrant oasis to where one could charge up and relax while learning about the mysteries of nature. Thus the Gin & Jungle bar was created.

    The bar will serve various gin drinks and some light tropical snacks. The jungle surrounding the bar will be constructed as a cosy jungle hangout with hammocks and lots of pillows, small jungle caves and many natural mysteries to find. It will be created with a party tent + sails and decorated with lots of plants and lights.

    There will also be opportunities for jungle expeditions, nature related workshops and rituals.

    About the group/Artist

    Jungle & Gin is a branch of Boesdal Explorers’ Society, a camp of adventurers bringing tales from faraway lands and dimensions. The Society has mastered the science of exploration and aims to enlighten Borderland with all the materials and knowledge needed for successful journeys.

    Team and plan

    The team consists of the members of Boesdal Explorer Society, and anyone else willing to contribute.

    Both the bar and other major structures will be worked on beforehand. The main bulk of the work will be in decorations which will be done on site and worked on the week before Borderland starts.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We do not expect much trash apart from that generated from the bar and this will be handled with trash cans under the bar and then organised with the main camps trash for recycling. Forgotten objects will be placed in a clear spot so they can be found again (probably in the central part of the camp).

    Budget overview


    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Borderlings can help and cocreate by bringing beautiful plants, helping with decorations, and arranging workshops. Also fun recommendations for fun gin drinks and donations of gin are very appreciated.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes but just enough for a few lamps and light strands.

    • Will there be light? Yes! Mainly from small lamps and light strands.

    • Will anything burn? No. But buckets of water and a fire blanket will be kept in the bar just in case.

    • What is your audio footprint? We will not make much noise but will probably have a few smaller speakers for some sweet jungle tunes.

    • Forces of nature We will use a large party tent to protect from rain and it will be anchored well + connected to our main camp to prevent the tent escaping.

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