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    Step into Kashmiri Bazaar, a bubbling oriental oasis in the borderland of dream and reality. Get down with the bazaar's music, shishas, waffles and coffee!

    Full description of concept

    Step into Kashmiri Bazaar, a bubbling oriental oasis in the borderland of dream and reality. Strangers and friends chatting over a cup of coffee, travelling souls from all over the known and unknown worlds cross their paths in the mist of the bazaar’s open arms. Meet a new mate, maybe you will become soul mates?

    The bazaar’s expressions bewilder and attract... incense, salvia and myrrh, fresh waffles and newly brewed coffee flirt with your sense of smell, and the mystical sounds of slow paced worldly music open up your soul. Take part in mind opening jam sessions, rhythmic tabla percussions or mystic sitar melodies - pick your instrument freely.

    New day new you? If you are looking for new attire, an accessory or artifact, you have come to the right place - the Kashmiri Bazaar free shop is open 24/7. Rings, necklaces, wizard’s robes or fairy wings - we want to unleash the expressional possibilities of all borderlings, everyday.

    If the sun blesses us with it’s rays, feel free to bathe in them from the soft pillows on the bazaar’s main square, and if the rain gods are with us, step into the pavilion, grab a blanket and get shelter from the water and cold winds.

    Come rain or come shine - everybody’s welcome at the Kashmiri Bazaar.

    The vibe of the bazaar is inspired by the indian state Kashmir - a gate between the middle east, India and China. It radiates the warm colors and intricate patterns of these clashing regions - ornamented rugs and cushions, colorful bright lights and flowing fabrics will fill the space and create a cozy and grounding atmosphere.

    The Bazaar will consist of 4 main elements:
    1. the square
    2. the stage
    3. the bar
    4. the free shop

    The square sits right in the middle of the bazaar and is a small (5x5m) courtyard with a little dance floor, cushions, shishas, small tables etc.

    The stage is covered with a rainproof stretch tent and has room for a small jam circle, a dj bench, some speakers, a subwoofer and all electrical stuff.

    The bar serves waffles (vegan and non-vegan), coffee, teas (high quality selection) and some alcoholic coffee drinks.

    The free shop is an unmanned little boutique with a table and a clothing rack, where visitors can find clothes, accesories, jewelry and other items, and also gift their own stuff to the shop if they like. Welcome to Borderland’s wardrobe!

    About the group/Artist

    We are a group of 12 friends that co-create this space. Most members in the group have been arranging festivals and parties for several years, and are solemnly aware of the challenges that come with event planning. Logistics, technology, scheduling, budgeting, decorating etc, we have done it before. We are not a group of experts, but at least we are not rookies ;)

    Team and plan

    Half the team (6 ppl) will come 5 days early and manage constructions and decorations, and half the team will stay 1-2 days late and help with disassembly and cleanup.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We will minimize trash as much as possible by not having any plastic/disposable plates, cutlery or glasses. Coffee and drinks will be served in the guests own cups, and waffles will be served with an optional paper napkin. We will have a recycling station for the glass, metal, paper and plastic waste.

    Budget overview

    Transportation 2 000 DKK
    - We have a Van and a trailer, we'll happily bring other camp's stuff too :)

    Free shop inventory 2 000 DKK
    - We will buy all inventory in a sustainable (second hand) manner and gift them to the bazaar visitors.

    Decoration 6 000 DKK
    - cloths
    - lights
    - pillows
    - shishas
    - incense

    Building materials 6 000 DKK
    - planks
    - “eu-pallar”
    - Stretch tent

    Bar inventory 0 DKK - we will buy it ourselves
    - Coffee
    - waffles
    - tea
    - spirits
    - shisha tobacco

    Sound system and DJ equipment - 0 DKK
    - we will bring our own

    Total - 16 000 DKK

    This budget has been edited to comply with the new (25/4) granting guidelines.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Borderings are welcome to co-create the Kashmiri Bazaar in many different ways.

    Everyone is welcome to co-create the musical vibe by bringing instruments, USB sticks or vinyl records and play music. There will be a schedule for all jams and sets, where one can sign up. We will schedule a few key events before the festival starts and write on a big chalk board, that be filled out more during the festival.

    We also love help with creating the oriental atmosphere. Hanging up cloth, light strands, arraning pillows and creating small altars with insence, knitting stuff, painting and decorating signs etc. If you are handy with a hammer you can help build the wooden constructions for the stage, bar and free shop.

    If you make kick ass waffles or coffee, feel free to serve other borderlings from the bar for an hour or so!

    Want to teach some yoga or meditation? Or want to show off some wizardry skills? The stage is yours, just pick a slot on the time table.

    The true super heroes of a party are noticed around 7-8am when the cleaning starts. Want to be a hero and help us keep waste under control during the festival? Great! Want to help us with disassembly, packing and waste management once the festival is over? Great!

    If you like, just being around smiling, singing and spreading some positive vibes is always nice.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    •  The dream website

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes, we’ll need electricity for the waffle makers, the sound system and lights.

    • Will there be light? Yes, we will have light strands between poles on the square and some light bulbs in the stretch tent.

    • Will anything burn? Yes, we will have plenty of wooden planks and poles for the bazaar construction that can be burned.

    • What is your audio footprint? We will play music from a PA, quite loud at times.

    • Forces of nature The the bazaar and stretch tent will be professionally constructed and secured for strong wind and rain. The tent will need 50-100cm long iron poles that are clubbed deep into the ground. All electricity will be secured from water and high voltage electricity outlets will be protected from any guests.

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