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  • Summary

    The Port is the entrance to our world, a 1st glimpse of things to come. You step into a beautiful, dream-evoking space, whilst receiving a warm and whimsical greeting and check-in. Let those tummy butterflies rumble. We can't wait to greet you!

    Full description of concept

    On arrival from your long journey to Boesdal, we dream of giving you (and the other 1799 borderlings) the most fruitful, warmest, funniest, weirdest greeting and checking you can conceive. We want to give you that feeling of Finally Being Here, and make you feel so at home that you'll want to come back for more throughout the week.
    The main function of The Port will be to greet, check-in and inform, + helping with parking and relations to our neighbours… and the outside world, throughout the week.
    We plan to:
    - Be greeting and checking-in all week with 24/7 gate keepers, 6 hour shifts, open for everyone to join.
    - Be the main info and mis-info centre. With a giant blackboard / pin-board for "what, when, where", 10 principle posters and info, a giant map and so on.
    - Have a really cosy, big lounge with a grand fire place, music, and port 24/7, which is open for all to use for their event / workshop / happenings.
    - Be the primary connection to the outside world for the duration of the event (integrating with neighbours, locals, tourists, and others).

    - Produce wristbands, signs, posters, and other information necessary to secure a smooth check-in and information giving function.

    About the group/Artist

    The Port is a camp of 40 people

    Team and plan

    The Port camp consists of around 40 people, most of whom will arrive Friday and Saturday, so we can get ready to greet everyone with our full package as early as possible. Planning has already started. This dream will develop as we get closer to the event.
    We are also co-creating together with "The Welcoming" dream ( Sign up to greet!!

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    A group of the camp has volunteered to make sure that this will not be a problem, by making a recycle and trash station. All that goes in goes out. We also have people responsible for daily moop sweeps.

    Budget overview

    The Port has it’s own camp budget, paid by campers at the Port, which goes towards camp-related supplies, part of the supplies for construction and very importantly, the 200 bottles of Port Wine you will undoubtedly consume, whilst greeting you lovely folks this year!
    But our dreams do not end there, and we are seeking this art grant to be able to give you the best check-in we can imagine:
    Our camp and art project is your first meeting with The Borderland, and we would love for the Port to be a place that sparks inspiration and good feelings in every new arrival, visually and spiritually. A place that makes you think - we’re here - it’s beautiful - it’s warm - it’s homey - I can’t wait to add my own art to this place!
    To make this magical first impression, we want to expand The Port this year.
    Our full targeted dream budget goes towards:

    The place where you enter will be beautiful, but also intuitive to navigate through. We dream of a greeting/check-in “tunnel” (tall poles with flag ropes and good lighting), a whimsical check-in desk as always, and a general atmosphere of spacefulness, excitement, and as little stress as possible (even during rush hour!)
    2750 DKK - Gate, tunnel and general area
    1250 DKK - Check in counter and accessories (like port goblets)
    1800 DKK - Paint, screws and small parts

    The Port wants to expand their lounge to match the expansion of the Borderland! The Port Lounge is a space where you will almost 24/7 find Borderlings from near and far.
    It’s a space to lay back and take a breather with the port family. A chat by the fireside, a healing glass of port, a nap, a game of chess. This years Lounge will have more space, more furniture, and a Cozy / Noble fusion theme.
    1500 DKK - Bar, sofa, pillows, tables, blankets, lights
    400 DKK - Rain cover

    What’s going on today? Where is that camp I heard about placed? What was that principle again? And where’s my stuff?? Step closer! We want to satisfy your curiosity by creating an information structure with all the info you could need, and if it’s not there, then you can simply add it.
    2900 DKK - Blackboard/pin board, paint, map poster prints, signs and materials to make them

    The frame for the port’s dream as a greeter / check-in station and keepers of the gate is a large container which needs to be transported from Rødvig to Boesdal (approx 4 km)
    They contain all kinds of important stuff owned by The Space, The Rabbit Hole, The Travel Agency, The Clown Police, Kidsville, Double toilet with a view, Favelas, and The Port. We are hoping that a part of the costs might be covered by this dream grant.
    We are usually take responsibility for moving this and one other big container, both of which are shared by many camps on the Borderland.
    Last year, costs were 20,000 dkk, of which we paid 8,000; Half funded by the dream grant and half through The Port camp fees. We should ideally split these costs with these other camps - a slack channel is there and has been sparked.
    4,500 DKK - Container moving

    We want to let our neighbours know, on behalf of all of Borderland, that we appreciate them having us in their quarry once again.
    1,500 DKK - Gift baskets with flowers, good red wine / Port / Champagne, ear plugs, red noses, and a big thank you note!

    TOTAL: 16900 DKK.
    A more detailed/specific budget can be found here:

    Cut costs in half, to 8050 DKK, and focus on necessities by cutting out:
    – Gifts to our neighbors. (-1500 dkk)
    – Rain cover (- 400 dkk)
    – Almost half the costs on greeting area, lounge and info-centre. No UV-blackboards, ambient lighting, classy furniture etc. (- 4000 dkk)
    – Part of the container moving. (- 2000 dkk)

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    We will create a 24/7 sign-up sheet, (6 hour shifts) where everyone can sign-up to be a greeter / check-in / gatekeeper!
    All are welcome to use The Port lounge for their events / workshops / happenings. Let us know in our FB group what you want to do here! We’ve previously had croquis sessions, massage courses and much more.
    Bring Port to share with us!
    SupPort our dream now!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    •  The dream website

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes. Lights, music, charging of tablets and phones.

    • Will there be light? Solar and electric LED/bulb light chains +

    • Will anything burn? Yes. The camp has a contained fireplace, burning 24/7 Some materials used to build structures can be used for the main burn structure

    • What is your audio footprint? Low. There will be played music in the lounge and greeting area to make people feel welcome and we have a megaphone

    • Forces of nature All that is not tied to the container we have, will be staked to poles in the ground. The Port can be an extra windy place which will be taken into consideration.

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