Nothing Hill - The Temple of Nothing

Kim Törnqvist and Dan Herlin

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  • Summary

    Theorists say that the innermost core of earth is an 824 mile diameter space of nothing. NOTHING. The missing particles. The unexplainable. God. Come explore, create and perform your nothingness in The Temple of Nothing. VIDEO -->

    Full description of concept

    Opposites attract, yet oppositions conflict. But what happens in the exact middle between two equally strong attracting or repelling forces in an exact moment? No pull, no push, no force, no gravity. Nothing. Or is it the exact opposite - All?... All or nothing? On or off? OI? This needs an investigation. We invite you to our stage in the temple of nothing to perform for the whole of Borderland. On Nothing Hill anything and nothing will happen, and your will create it.

    We will investigate the physical phenomenon of magnetism as an analogy for the attractive and repulsive forces between people. Magnetism, magnets, magnetic fields, polarity and the compass are phenomenon with symbolic meaning that are of interest to us. A magnetic field arises around electrical charges in relative motion, which implies a both-sides force effect between the charges. Our camp will be a magnetic field created out of the movements and charges between people and with the core being our main camp site. Nothing Hill. This site in itself is composed like a magnet, it will both be a place to come together around but also a mysterious, somewhat alien mystery raising questions and curiosity. What does it mean to be within the community, to be in the center of it, to be outside of it? What are the pulling forces of feelings of attraction and community? When does a community become dangerous, aggressively autonomous? What/who are being excluded? This is an investigation of both community, charisma, pull, charm, magic, creation, performance, play and attraction - but also sameness/otherness, opposition, polarity, contrast ratio, incompatibility, inconsistency, inequality, contrasts and contradictions.

    There are repulsive forces arising when two parallel electrical charges have opposing directions and therefore perceive each other as negatively charged. This also makes us think of the state of the world today with rising conflicts in what seems to be all corners of the world… But what happens in an exact moment in the exact middle between two equally strong attracting or repelling forces? No direction, no pull, no push, no gravity. Is it full of life or completely still? This is Nothing Hill.


    About the group/Artist

    In 2016 this group was formed as Sansespill, also recognized and labeled as "the whites", "the angels", "the puritans on the hill" etc. This year our group grows and reconvenes on Nothing hill. Five words starting with the letter H to describe our collective identity could be; harmonizing, hypocondric, homogenous, hilarious and hedonistic. Essentially, we are like most people in general, with a twist, just like people in general. Our mission will be to attract YOU, our opposite!

    Team and plan

    A bunch of about 30 plus the ideators:

    - Gently questioning, warmly provoking, ever confused theoretical philosopher and practical artist - Camilla Reppen
    - Cut the crap, call the crap, nonsensemaker, no decision-maker, theroetical constructor and practical partner - Kim Törnqvist
    - Former clown police and circus-prick gone fun-maschine, way too early morning hypertempo multimakeithappen-artist - Dan Herrlin
    - Cool to the bone, critical aligner, group-hudler, life-artist and anxiounista, massively loving - Nora Giertz
    - Hopelessnesslessness optimizer and optimismizmer, visual con-artist and artist-con-party - Johan JB Eriksson

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We love flexible and great solutions. And so weve planned: For us and all our unplanned friends we will have a serious AMITRP-station. All Matter In The Right Place, for separating moop from moop, whatever the moop. Everyones welcome!

    Budget overview

    Most material we will sort out ourselves, but we will need to purchase materials and tools for our constructions as well as lighting equipments. The approximate additional costs have been
    But thís principle applies: The more grants we the greater the DREAM!

    Wooden constructions and materials: 5000 DKK
    Tools: 1000 DKK
    Metal fixation: 2000 DKK
    Cement oven material: 1000 DKK
    Rental of lights, sensors, smoke machine: 5000 DKK
    Fabric protection: 1500 DKK

    Transportation costs are taken care of.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    If you have an attractive attribute to bring to the team and the theme you should get in touch! Or just come meet us on the hill and DO IT!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes, same amount as last year? Maybe 10A? Or three single phases?

    • Will there be light? Well, don't we all just love disco-lights? We are like a lamp-store combined with a survival camp.

    • Will anything burn? Last year we created a bread oven, but we brought our own fire exstinguisher. I think this year is somewhat similar.

    • What is your audio footprint? Same as last year, 2-3 nights, and not THAT loud, but up for discussion.

    • Forces of nature We are on the least protected spot, the best when its good, and the worst when its not. Luckily our carpenters are actually carpenters.

    • Next random dream