The Monster Battle Arena

Kim Holm and Martin Bollerup

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  • Summary

    Out from its cave, covered in green smoke and soap bubbles, charges a gruesome pink twoheaded monster wielding a skull flail - only to be challenged by a gigantic black pig nosed tentacle monster.

    This is The Monster Battle Arena!


    Full description of concept

    You and your friend arrive at a fenced arena. The fence is made of wooden poles with decorated skulls and a thick rope around it. The crowd around it is thick. Cheering and waiting for the battle of the monsters. In the middle of the arena is a guy dressed as mix of a voodoo priest and a leprechaun - the presenter. He is asking for 2 volunteers! He looks around and spots you in the crows. He points straight at you - the crowd goes silent. "You two! - you will be our next monsters!".The crowd bursts out in cheers and laughs again.
    Your friend gets picked up by a tall devilishly smiling guy dressed as a white rabbit wearing a pink wizard robe. They go towards a strange tent in one end of the arena.
    A hunchbacked toothless woman dressed in a purple coat with strange patterns is slowly approaching you, she has an extra eye and 2 black horns in her forehead, she tells you to come with her pointing at the tent at the other end of the arena...she giggles as you come along.

    The tent is full of costumes. colourful leggings with sewn on tails, monster feet with big claws, fairy wings and devil wings, tentacle gloves, clown pants, sumo wrestler suits, masks, noses, pointy teeth, wigs, beaks, sparkly goggles, helmets with horns, ponytails and googly eyes and lots more. This is where you get transformed into a gruesome yet absolutely ridiculous monster. The purple witch starts chanting and coaching you. Her two assistants in the tent approach you - you are now about to undergo 'The transformation'. The battle is soon to begin. You can hear the crowd outside cheering and laughing as The Presenter tells mystical battle stories and jokes.

    30 minutes later you step out of the tent. The monster cave. You have now become The Monster! you are covered in green smoke and soap bubbles. On top of your head you have a monkey head on top of the monkey head there is a chicken head with a tiara. Your are dressed in pink, with spikes and skulls all over, and you are wielding an oversized orange morning star with carrots sticking out of it. You are ready for action!
    At the other end of the arena you see a furry black pig nosed tentacle monster with long blonde hair and a face covered in eyes. Its long tentacles are 2 meters long and waiving all over. The monster spots you and shouts out a fearsome battle shout - the crowd goes wild!

    The battle has begun!

    To be The Monster Battle Arena!

    About the group/Artist

    Last year we made The Slimepit - this year we are making monsters!

    Team and plan

    Kim Holm, Martin Bollerup, Flemming Ottsen, Agnes Warren, Torben Stig Nielsen, Niklas Oppa Blodmahl, Timo Rybak, Ninnie Djurberg, Johanna Mamabear, and more to come...

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We will surely be mooping since a battle in ridiculous costumes happens several times per day. We will make moop sweepes in between each battle. And also guide the crowd to be aware of any moop that needs to be collected. Trashcans in each of the 2 tents.

    Budget overview

    Transport 1000 kr.
    Props 2000 kr.
    Monster suits 4000 kr.
    Things to attach things to other things (aka 'Tach') 1500 kr.
    Transformation Grotto 3024 kr.
    Building materials for Arena 3300 kr.
    Light and visual effects 2500 kr.
    Wheel of Battle 500 kr.
    Cables and tech 1500 kr.

    Total 19324 kr.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Anyone can help co-create this. We need help with:

    - Costumes
    - Building stuff
    - Putting up light, sound, electricity etc.
    - effects as smoke, bubbles, strobelight etc.
    - People who wants to participate at Borderland as monster dressers, crowd managers, game keepers, builders etc.
    - Any other mad ideas that we cant come up with ourselves.
    - People that loves monsters and want to be a part of this mad brute!


    Other people that is in need of a Battle Arena to make their art project or workshops. Contact us - we want to play !

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes! (will return on this as soon as possible)

    • Will there be light? Yes of course! LEDs on the battle Arena and the 2 tents. 4 pinspots controlled by the crowd. 1 UV-strobe light. 1. disco light for that funky psychedelic battle feeling!

    • Will anything burn? Nothing will burn

    • What is your audio footprint? Crowd cheering and shouting. Monsters roaring and screaming. Battlesounds from the battle. Theme music for the battles.

    • Forces of nature We are ready for this! And we don't have any large buildings that could be in danger. And we have 2 tents that functions as monster wardropes and changing rooms - The Transformation Caves.

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