Visuals at the end of the universe

Ebba Malmqvist

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  • Summary

    Let us light up your night! We are your light visuals, deco and sound team. We provide the spectral light visuals and stretched fabric art installations and music when needed.

    Full description of concept

    What do we want in this dream:
    We are a group of people that want to light up Borderland. In a 10 m high installation we will hang stretched fabrics that will look colorful in the day and provide shelter from the sun or rain for a big area. Anyone is free to use this space for workshops, spontaneous dance, yoga or hangout. In the nighttime we use the fabrics and the natural surroundings for our light visuals (see picture). This will light up the dark nights and provide a safer and more attractive atmosphere. As night falls the first days of Borderland we hope that people will get to the light. We will provide music for the first evenings of the event and a place to gather before light and music is up and running at other places.
    To protect our light equipment from weather and such we have a big tent from where we send out. Except from this limitation we can be flexible of what places that need lights. The tent with equipment is the dream's headquarter and will have a smaller sound system to provide music for the first days of the event. The headquarter will also have a bring your own booze bar. This place will be open to anyone but due to security reasons will have to be closed and locked when noone of us are present.

    About the group/Artist


    Team and plan

    we are around 10 people and we will arrive first day and should be up and running next day

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We will have very little rubbish and will clean each day for butts and and rubbish occuring around our area.

    Budget overview

    We will mainly use things we already have such as a small soundsystem, light equipment and deco.
    The equipment needs to live somewhere safe, hence the rent of the tent-Big tent 4000 DKK in rent
    We will additionally rent a truss to be able to get the fabric high up in the skyTross 6000DKK in rent
    We need to build light ramps Building materials 2000DKK
    Fabric deposit 4000DKK (this will only be used in case there is some tears)
    Other consumables such as lightbulbs (the special light bulbs are quite expensive)-500DKK

    Full budget include a fabric deposition of 4000DKK that will hopefully not be needed. But full cost of fabric used is 80 000DKK and is the livelihood of two dreamers so we need to have a backup plan in case something bad happens.

    Minimum budget does not include deposit and includes only a very small truss

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Everyone is welcome

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? yes, 10 A

    • Will there be light? There will be light by light artists covering a large area

    • Will anything burn? No

    • What is your audio footprint? Yes light to medium

    • Forces of nature Our camp will have a tipi and a small circus tent and we will make sure they stay in the ground

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