The Great Library of Boesdal

Filip Bromberg

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  • Summary

    The Great Library of Boesdal is a salon for adventurers, artists and intellectuals, filled with couches, exotic objects and of course a lot of books. It's a communal space which will be open to anyone. The Library will be home to the Boesdal Book Exchange

    Full description of concept

    Ever since the destruction of The Great Library of Alexandria, the world has thirsted for a successor. A collection of esoteric knowledge and extraordinary tales, a place for meetings between philosophers and thinkers. A monument to wisdom, the gods, and the infinite ingenuity of our species. This Borderland, the Boesdal Explorers’ Society is bringing it all back.

    The library will consist of a weatherproof structure of minimum 6x3m, partially covered with walls and extended with a more open sheltered space covered by sails. It is our intention to create a structure which feels robust and exotic, like something from an expedition from a long time ago. The space will be structured to be a bright, breezy spot in the desert heat while also a warm shelter in the Nordic rain.

    Inside we’ll use couches, armchairs, rugs and bookshelves to create a comfortable space for reading, storytelling and enlightened discussions. The library is filled with exotic objects and artefacts brought back from adventures in the far-off lands, as well as scientific curios demonstrating the wonders of the natural world. On a side table sits a gramophone, waiting for you to play one of the obscure desert blues records from the collection. The library will also be home to a an ancient minibar, open a few hours every day and offering stiff libations from the pre-prohibition era.

    What about books, you say? Well, this part of the project is co-created by all borderlings. We encourage everyone to bring a book and place in our bookshelves. To sit down in an armchair and write a foreword to whoever may pick it up. This way we build a library together, and at the end of the week we encourage everyone to come and take a book with them as a memory.

    The library will also host workshops and seminars on wide-ranging topics, sometimes serious and sometimes silly. As is the spirit of libraries, this is a communal space, and we invite you to share it with us! Among other things there will be improvisational science, nonsense poetry readings, and deep discussions on the nature of human curiosity.

    About the group/Artist

    The Great Library of Boesdal is the heart of Boesdal Explorers’ Society, a camp of adventurers bringing tales from faraway lands and dimensions. The Society has mastered the science of exploration and aims to enlighten Borderland with all the materials and knowledge needed for successful journeys.

    Team and plan

    The team consists of the members of Boesdal Explorer Society, and anyone else willing to contribute :)

    Timewise, most of the library will be prepared beforehand. The structure needs only to be assembled, and the furniture put in place. If we go for extending the structure it gets a little more complicated, but this is not necessary. Then it's all about decorations. The whole thing should be ready during Tuesday.

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    This creation does not create much trash, but there are a lot of things that could become MOOP such as books and different exotic objects. As the library will be situated in our camp, we will have a camp librarian on duty at all times who is responsible for order and well-being in the library. Any leftover books,as well as any other donated items of interest for the collections, will be transported out with the library structure itself.

    Budget overview

    The core structure will be paid for by The Boesdal Explorer Society.

    2000 - Building materials for extended structure
    2000-5000 - Furniture, rugs, decor, lights
    1000 - Transport

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    All borderlings can cocreate by bringing a book for the library. We also invite everyone to host their own workshop, seminar, boardgame session or whatever in the library. Just contact us and we'll make it happen! We also want borderlings to treat the library as their living room. It's a meeting place, kept alive by the people hanging out there.

    If you really love the project and want to get more involved, get in touch and we'll think of something.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes, for cozy lighting. Not much.

    • Will there be light? Yes, by warm lights.

    • Will anything burn? We may want to burn some bookshelves, but the whole camp is moving to another festival afterwards so we might also bring everything.

    • What is your audio footprint? Just a gramophone.

    • Forces of nature We will look into this.

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