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    Everyone of us has a sweet spot that can be hit by one who observes and listens.
    Drifting Oasis will be a mobile gifting/kitchen station that travels around the Borderland festival and provides an extensive menu of tailored gifts. We will hit your spot

    Full description of concept

    The best thing we can give you, is exactly what you need. From this idea the Drifting Oasis was conceived. It is a mobile gifting station, equipped with a kitchen, foldable tables, parasol, tea library, instruments, small speakers, yoga and massage equipment, lighting for night time, and many other big and small surprises.
    We will travel the festival area, looking for YOU, the one who needs us the most. Once we find a spot to hit, we park the Drifting Oasis and go around to Borderlings with menus of the current available gifts. The menu will include different treats and experiences, which vary depending on the host, time of day, and the vibe.
    Anyone who wants to contribute can co-create and become a temporary member of the crew, a Ghost Host. They can choose what they would like to gift to the community or help out other hosts.
    The tea library is connected to a large portable thermos for the times the Drifting Oasis is not on the road, late at night for example. So you can still expect a warm cup of wonderful tea, just when you need it the most, anywhere you are. Other parts of the Oasis can also be made portable, because the show must go on!
    Where is the food coming from, you might ask? We are applying for funds to cover some of the main and basic ingredients that will be required for cooking. The rest will be sourced from Foodsharing CPH, local shops and collect gifted food at the festival. We will mainly be cooking simple vegan meals.

    Mobile kitchen with a foldable roof and cooking space. The structure will be lightweight so it can be moved by one person, yet sturdy enough to withstand wind gusts. Kitchen will be equipped with all necessary cooking stuff and hot drink section including a large tea library. Under the roof there will be seating space for drifting Borderlings.

    Drifting Oasis - Ephemeral Community Gathering Place.
    We offer our gifting service to the people at a location we are at the given moment;
    Being good hosts we can feel what the guest’s needs are, otherwise they can choose an item from the menu. Gift can also be turned around, and the guest can decide to give something to the hosts of the oasis or other drifting guests.
    GhostHost concept; we welcome long and short term co-creators to join the Drifting oasis. You can decide how much time you want to spend giving your special gifts or be a part of the more practical tasks like cooking or making hot drinks.
    Once we park (leach) at the chosen spot, we will make sure to let the closest neighbours know about our arrival and invite to join. If, for example, we will be making dinner, we will announce to the ones around that they can register for the communal meal. Or have the flag up or down to indicate the call for food. We will also have clear inviting signs and sounds.

    About the group/Artist

    We are a group of givers, a huddle of hosts, a swarm of superheroes that want to be the best we can be for anyone that comes across our Dream. We are based in Copenhagen and competent working with materials and tools. Social, environmental and spiritual projects are at the core of our lives, for example running Foodsharing Copenhagen (food waste prevention organization), doing vegan catering, teaching yoga, making soundscapes and guiding meditation.

    Team and plan

    Various project developers and organizers, four in total. Hosts with industrial kitchen experience. Place and sense makers. Volunteers from Foodsharing Copenhagen will give a hand during the building stage.

    End of April: Get the Borderland community on board and secure funding; apply for other cultural grants;
    May: Prototype testing of Drifting Oasis in public spaces of CPH in partnership with Foodsharing Copenhagen and other local organizations;
    Early June: Fundamental parts of the Oasis are ready to bring it to trial at the ‘Endless Summer’ festival.
    Late June: take what we learned at the festival and finalize design of the Drifting Oasis, collect materials (from recycling station) and build all extra pieces of the puzzle;
    1. Half of July: assemble the Dream;
    23th of July: Deliver

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    For the organic waste we dream about worm composting unit, which is already being assembled by our friends at urban gardening organization Bioteket (organization CPH). The rest + recyclables from our activities will be collected separately and taken care personally. Anyone else using the Drifting Oasis will be motivated to LNT.

    Budget overview

    Paint, chalk and brushes (500kr);Screws and structural steel fixations (1000kr); Portable 10L Thermos (800kr asking, 1600kr price); Cooking Gas (600kr)
    materials for roofing/Shade and seating (2000kr); Cables and lighting (600kr); Food, ingredients (500kr); Shared transportation (900kr)

    other Building materials:
    -- will provide by Materiale Centralen (organization in CPH);
    --Kitchen will be built on top of a Rickshaw, which has been already provided by SilentRick/ Studio Debris.

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Before the festival: we announce co-creation activities for building the Drifting Oasis and pop-up events in CPH;
    During the festival: GhostHost (explained above) or TakeOver of Drifting Oasis. The latter includes full takeover of the Drifting Oasis (potentially for some other purpose).

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    •  https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpotHitters/

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes. But we leach it from camps as we drift across the festival. We will be cooking on gas stove, so we will mainly need the electricity for the lighting at the dark times and sound system. ~300W

    • Will there be light? Light for cooking process and ambient illumination. Ambient light powered by batteries. For small sound system and some kitchen equipment we will have waterproof el. extension cord that will temporarily connect to other camps.

    • Will anything burn? Two regular gas stoves for cooking, same as found in any other camp. While travelling around the festival we will locate the kitchen at the safe proximity from the tents (10-15m).

    • What is your audio footprint? Couple of small speakers for ambient sound, acoustic instruments, pots and pans, and our voices. Low/moderate noise.

    • Forces of nature Sturdy construction. Will use some stone from beach in case of tornado. Waterproof cables, foldable roof.

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