Umfi Umfi Theatre - Sound stage at the beach with no cerfew

Malene Brøchner

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  • Summary

    We dream about creating a magical place for party, visuals, music, dancing, performances, radical self expression and chill out around the clock! The beach is the only area without music cerfew so we want to make the most of this beautiful location !

    Full description of concept

    We dream about transforming the beach into a art, light and sound wonderland, where tunes from the amazing djs and live artists will keep you mezmorized day and night. Being the only place where there is no music cerfew at The Borderland it will be our honor to create a platform where all creatures can come out and play.

    It's nice to get lost - in space and time - in a place where you forget your own presence and existence. We want to create an environment, where it's possible to stay for as long as you wish, and still be able to get back in an instant. Our dream is to create an on-going build-up of an Amphi Theatre, soundstage and dancefloor! A village within the village of The Borderland, with it's own fantasy infrastructure- revolving around a soundstage in the middle and dreamy arty things going on around it. A place where you can get all your senses stimulated by visuals, sound, movement, feel and taste.
    In the centre of this amphi theatre, we want to build a stage where creatures can share what they do best - in terms of music, performances, yoga, lyrics, love etc and very importantly - a place for dancing. Where day- and nocturnal creatures of the Borderland can come out to play- there's always something going on at Umfi Umfi!

    We have a green fairy that will serve her magical green absinthe potion and read tarot cards and maybe we'll have a candy booth for the sweet toothed to indulge and a glitterbooth too. We want to make a magical forrest with strange things growing. We dream of creating a big cuddle puddle where people can look at all the freaks around them or simply get lost in a daydream. We will also make an area where the creatures can seek shelter from rain or sun.

    Pathways of LED and UV lights in the night to guide people around. If possible we want to make a "stairway to heaven" where people can sit on a viewpoint bench, and have an overlook of the whole crazy scenery. We want to build wood trolls, mirror skys, huge sparkly dreamcatchers and over-dimensioned lamps and for everthing to come to life in a total dream-glitter-colour-mania- soap bubble-explosion!

    We dream of creating interactive light installations that the creatures can entertain themselves with and project beautiful visual and colourfull magic on the chalk cliffs of the beach surrounding the Umfi Umfi Theatre.

    We aim to use a lot of secondhand and recycled materials, but will also have to purchase a thing or two.
    We need all the extra hands and LOVE we can get to carry materials and equipment to the site.

    About the group/Artist

    We are a group of friends who love building, painting, creating, decorating, sharing, arranging and we have a passion for playing great (dance) music! We welcome co-creators, co-builders and co-performers to join us in creating this dream space and stage !

    Team and plan

    We - a team of 5-8 people - will arrive a week early, to build the basic structure and start decorating, and from there, our dream is that this theatre will continously grow and evolve during the week of Borderland, and that we will have enough deco, paint and materials so that people, if they want - can contribute to the building, decoration and developing of this magical dream place!

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We will have some garbage bags around, but we encourage people to take their trash with them. Also we are very good at MOOPing and will do so every day. It will be done with huge love for the nature!

    Budget overview

    Dream scenario:
    10.000 DKK - fabrics, mattresses, pillows, paint, decor materials, UV paint, bio degradable glitter and art materials of all kinds !
    6.000 DKK - wood, planks, plywood, cords, etc
    3.000 DKK - transportation of the above + the soundsystem from Sweden (Hampus has details)
    5.000 DKK - lights lights lights
    3.000 DKK - tarpaulins, shelter materials (maybe secondhand shipping sails? Anyone? )
    3.000 DKK - organic Acai booth with energy smoothies for the dancing people

    Its a big dream of ours to create a magical and quite big place that can hold many BL creatures simultaneously around the clock.
    Note: Many materials can be recycled for next year! :)

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    Everyone can co-create and contribute to the Umfi Umfi Theatre! Performers and visual artists and other creative creatures can send their request if they want to share anything. We will try to make a plan of the events going on on the stage, and a info board by the entrance. We already have some performers and DJ's lined up and have borrowed a sound system to make it possible. We also need help building and constructing and decorating. If you have an idea for a small booth of any kind, we are open!
    If you have decor we can borrow or wood and tools and if you know how to use a hammer and a saw - lets us know !!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes! for the soundsystem and lights

    • Will there be light? LED, UV , projected visuals, huge oversized weird looking livingroom lamps - more details to come later

    • Will anything burn? We will probably have a lot to burn on the Borderland fire

    • What is your audio footprint? We will be playing loud and great music -yes- no doubt about that. We won't be playing loud music 24/7, but there will hopefully be a lot going on at Umfi Umfi :). That's the whole idea!

    • Forces of nature We will make sure everthing is securely tied to the ground and we will make a structure for rain and sun. No excact details yet, but this will of course be taken into our planning.

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