The Dreamhouse Effect


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  • Summary

    We, The Dreamcatchers will help you realize that you CAN achieve your dreams by guiding you through a physical, yet metaphorical obstacle course!

    Full description of concept

    We/ our camp, the Dreamcatchers are dreaming of building an interactive obstacle course as a metaphor for how difficult yet rewarding it can be to achieve/ fulfill our dreams.
    We will start each session with a 1-on-1 interview/ discussion with each Dreamer (Borderling) and ask you about a dream they wish to achieve. Afterwards we will personally guide you, our Dreamer through a physical obstacle course, until you reach your "dream", and hopefully you will find the inner strength to go out and achieve it in the real world!

    Without spoiling too much, the obstacle course will consist of a short staircase (3 steps), a few stepping stones, a small bridge and an elevator. The basic construction of the elevator is a "swingset" structure with a system of pulleys and a hanging "raft " upon which the dreamer may sit and pull themselves up approximately 2 meters. The raft will be enclosed in a "elevator shaft" which serves a solely aesthetic purpose. All the weight will be on the swing set. We plan to use a progress capture device to that the Dreamer will not risk injury if the accidentally let go of the rope. All structures are made out of wood. We will construct everything with large safety margins, keeping everyone's safety in mind!

    Our main objective is to help Dreamers like YOU find the/a dream that is growing within you and empower you to make it come true in real life. It is a highly interactive project and can be as deeply influential or just plain fun as you want it to be! We are here for YOU to help you catch your dreams!

    We also dream of creating a creative corner where Dreamers can make string art and dreamcatchers, play with beads, sit and drink tea, chat, relax and feel comfortable and safe! We are planning to have this inside some sort of party tent.

    About the group/Artist

    We are the Dreamcatchers, and at the moment there are 8 of us!

    Team and plan

    We the Dreamcatchers currently consist of Julia Johner (thewombat), Sam Samsom, Johannes Falk, Karin Angerbjörn, Philip Lindstedt, Nikki Kristiansson, Ludvig Lundmark and Niklas Dahlin.

    We plan to arrive Sunday or Monday, and use two days to build up The Dreamhouse Effect, which hopefully we will have pre-assembled before we arrive. Hopefully we can begin our Dream-guiding sessions on Wednesday! We will create a schedule so that you can find us when The Dreamhouse Effect is active!

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    We will (hopefully) not have to do any sawing or drilling or cutting at the borderland, so there should be no risk of that kind of moop. We will bring back all the pieces that we came with and the Dreamhouse Effect itself doesn't require anything moopy, as it is all-interactive. The cozy crafty corner, however might have bits and bobs floating around so we can provide moop bags for those things.

    Budget overview

    Our basic building materials include
    5-6 4x4s or 2x4s depending on safety/stability (swingset)
    2x4s or smaller wooden beams (elevator shaft)
    2 sheets of plywood (staircase, bridge)
    3-4 four meter long planks (bridge planks, raft in elevator)
    pulley system
    progress capture
    screws, shackles, hooks
    zipties, staples, tape etc
    We will also need:
    a hula hoop (big dreamcatcher for our entrance)
    string, beads, craft supplies etc
    Renting (if we can't borrow) a tent
    light chains

    We will of course try to borrow as much as we can and be cost-efficient!

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    We could definitely use some help building/ setting up on the first few days of The Borderland. We will probably organize some work days in the next few months and invite you to join us in building! We will probably need help with take-down as well. But most of all we would LOVE to help make your dreams come true! Please come dream with us!

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.



    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes, we will have some light chains, maybe occasionally use a hot-glue gun, a battery charger for an electric drill (perhaps 30W for 1 hour), a sound system (though this might be battery charged)

    • Will there be light? There will be light! We will have some LED chains, fairy lights to make it beautiful!

    • Will anything burn? We haven't decided if we want to keep our project or give it to the fire, but probably not!

    • What is your audio footprint? We will probably be playing some chill music for our crafty corner/ for the Dreamhouse Effect. There might be a few cries of cheer and excitement and some ringing of bells :)

    • Forces of nature Our structures will be secured to the ground with ropes and pegs, or can be taken down if needed. All cloth can be removed and we will not give Dream-guides when the weather endagers safety! The structure is made of wood so it can handle wind, rain or shine!

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