The Welcoming

Bob Speakman

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  • Summary

    The Welcoming is a greeting ceremony for people arriving at the Borderland, marking a transition point between the default world and The Borderland.

    Full description of concept

    After a long journey you arrive at the gateway to the Borderland, a painted wall, glowing in the early evening light, this is the last thing that separates you from arriving home. A soft voice calls you forward, “please ring the bell”. As the wall comes to life a painted figure shifts slightly, blending in and out of the wall, sweeping their arm around to present you with a tiny golden bell. With a ring the wall separates, and you are greeted by the sight of two golden skinned guardians beckoning you onwards, they caress you softly, removing your heavy bags, and embrace you. A shrill whistle blows! A man in a suit aggressively waves a clipboard in your direction, proclaiming he’s the Chief Inspector, checking you over, behind your ears, muttering under his breath about regulations. A mermaid calls to you, trying to tempt you over to her, a chanting starts low and rises in volume, “we are love, you are love”, a pilot for QuantumQuarry Airlines points to her bespoke glowing aircraft, she is departing soon, would you like to come for a ride?

    The welcoming is a greeting ceremony for people arriving at the Borderland. Marking a transition point between the default world and The Borderland, a line in the sand, a point of (almost) no return, an intention to leave behind the worries and fears of the default world and to embrace the Borderland, to make physically, mentally and emotionally the border between dreams and reality.

    To greet people arriving at the Borderland.
    To make a physical art border (in the form of a gate, an arch or such forth,)
    To create a circus/theatre of performance, self-expression and participation.
    To embrace madness, the feeling that anything could happen.

    There are two elements to The Welcoming.
    1. The construction of a physical structure (a GATE) to separate the default world with the Borderland.
    2. A performance of the GREETERS.

    The gate should be an interactive structure, greeters should be able to climb and peer over the top of it, make it part of a performance, and have lighting for the evenings. It must allow for access by cars and lorries.

    I imagine co-creating the roles of the greeters, encouraging self-expression, so that greeters come for their shift at the greeting station as a character, a role that they want to portray, or as themselves. Wild, crazy characters (or not) that I can’t even imagine, and welcome the arrivals in their own special way.

    About the group/Artist

    Bob Speakman and Nina Lindberg, The Port.

    Team and plan

    Bob Speakman and Nina Lindberg and the Nomadic Hell's Angels as support.
    We are excited to create a collaborative and interactive dream to the Borderland.
    In order to greet the the largest numbers of people I would like to have all structures in place by Saturday night and be ready to greet on Sunday Morning. The greeters would run all day (or for e.g. 9 to 9), on Sunday and Monday, there will be a sign-up sheet to distribute shifts (or some system).

    Moop plan (matter out of place)

    Someone may co-create an introduction to the principles in their welcoming ceremony, spreading the knowledge of Moop. The dream will happen mostly in daylight hours, with borderlings in a sober mood, I will encourage regular screams of "MOOP" if any moop is found.

    Budget overview

    Minimum budget (beautiful gate, no budget for greeters):
    Plywood panels 1194 DKK
    2 by 2s 119 DKK
    Paint 297 DKK
    Tools/Drill bits/saws/misc 1000 DKK
    Iridescent acrylic for gate 1054 DKK
    Scrap Metal 1000 DKK
    Wheels 880 DKK
    Lighting 358 DKK
    Total 5902 DKK

    Target budget (beautiful gate and budget to support greeters with their props):
    Plywood panels 1194 DKK
    2 by 2s 119 DKK
    Paint 297 DKK
    Tools/Drill bits/saws/misc 1000 DKK
    Iridescent acrylic for gate 1054 DKK
    Scrap Metal 1000 DKK
    Wheels 880 DKK
    Lighting 358 DKK
    Props for greeters (it can be anything from flowers, to costumes, physical objects for performances, artistic material and so on) 4000 DKK
    Total 9902 DKK

    How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

    We need other Borderlings to create with us! We'll build the physical structure in Stockholm and anyone is welcome to build it with us.

    sign up to be a Greeter here:

    Join us in the facebook group here to co-create this dream together:

    Check out the main document for this project here:

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


    •  The dream website

    • Do you need electricity from the grid? Not as the design stands at the moment. I want some form of illumination but it will probably be mobile. We would definitely not need more than a single distribution point of a 2400kW box

    • Will there be light? Yes I want the gate to be illuminated during the night. This will probably use LED battery powered lighting. Although the design is not completed yet.

    • Will anything burn? The gate may or may not be made of flammable material, such as wood and fabric. I will co-ordinate with the Port in order to make sure that we have access to their fire safety equipment, which will be located directly next to this project.

    • What is your audio footprint? We will have no amplified noise.

    • Forces of nature The gate will be designed so as to be resistant to wind blowing them over, with the use of air vents, brakes, and support beams. The performers will have to radical survive being blown over by the wind and getting wet in the rain.

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