Temple of emotions

"Neida" Hounaida Nada Dabbour


My friends, my loves, my joys. I am the tempel for all emotions, thoughts and hearts. Write your feelings, wishes, regrets on my wings. Be your past, present and future in my core. And when I burn, I will fly to the sky and take your words with me.

Full description of concept

This artproject is my dream, and my gift to Borderland.
A temple, for what it is and what it can be, for us to share.
For me, to be more in contact with the inner self and to truely and freely express myself.

This is first of all a place for all emotions. It’s a space for expression and inner realisations. You enter this bubble of peace and you can hear your heart speak.
Your emotions will make this space sacred, and that's what makes it a temple. The peace is created by you. You are making it. We are making it.

The Temple is designed in a way so that it doesnt block you. You can freely express yourself without obstacles. You will be held in a womb as you shout it out.

For me, this place is beautiful and it grounds me. It makes me lighter, it clears my mind and makes me feel good and safe.
And for the others, I wish goodness to all of the borderlings and hope the Temple will do them good just like it does to me. I hope the temple can help them in any way to reach a highter quality of their lives.

The temple of emotions will have 6 big plywood boards standing up, they are shaped as a halfmoon and each board will have a theme.
The themes of the 6 big standing plywood board are: Love/Fire/Passion; Anger/Darkness; Freedom/Air/wind; Joy/Water; Family/Earth; Peace/Health. We decorate the boards in the wood-shops, and by adding things to them
For me, these themes are very important in life and thats why they create the base of the temple. Between these halfmoon borad, we will have curved boards holding them togheter, making a sphere.
This whole structure is made out of wood and you are free to write and to put, what ever you want on it.

This is first a place for your emotions. It is them, who makes this place sacred.

Team and plan

Now its just me. Will make the drawings and get the boards to the wood-shop, where we will use a machine. I will also make some of the sawing myself. Later on sight i will get help from 1-2 peolpe to get it up. Thinking it will take 3-4 hours.
The wood-work will start as soon as possible.

Moop plan (matter out of place)

only moop is ash. After the burn i will pick up the nails, ect. I will take the lights, pens home. Also the "sitting place" will i take home, or the wood in them I might burn aswell.

How can other borderlings cocreate with you?

Help me to build it up on sight and to put the LED light on it. Later to carry it down to the burn-place. And of course share your emotions with the temple!

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Borderland is a participatory festival that takes place in Boesdal, Denmark. It's a fully participatory event where everything is created by the participants themselves, with out any spectators.


  • Do you need electricity from the grid? Yes, will have a few lights on the boards

  • Will there be light? Yes, but small lamps or led.

  • Will anything burn? It will burn at the "burn" night.

  • What is your audio footprint? no

  • Forces of nature This is heavy, so it wont get blown away. Water is OK cuz it will burn later and not be used again.

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