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Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special! THE BORDERLAND is some awesome fucking shit. I mean, you can't even begin to understand the total exuberance of outlandish hijinks that people come up with for this thing. Dang!

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The Mad-Hatters Traveling Tea Party


A VERY Merry Unbirthday...to me? to YOU! To each and EVERYONE of you! My dream is to create a Mad Hatters Tea Party with a twist... it's MOBILE! That's right, a Tea Party on Wheels! We'll bring the madness to YOU!

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The Amoris Cuddlensis Giganteus


The Mushroom Space Forest is dreaming bigger, we want to give you the Amoris Cuddlensis Giganteus, a 6-7m tall mushroom filled with LEDs that reacts to sound and with a cuddle space inside its stalk filled with pillows. Edit: Added after BL pic...

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Bsb placeholder square

"Sparkles" is an interactive installation that captures movements in real-time and projects a sparkling representation on a nearby surface.

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DickPick - the game


Can you pick a grower from a shower? DickPick is the memory game where you match the hard one with the soft. Analog dickpics for a digital generation.

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Dream Radio

Bsb placeholder square

The Dream Radio is a collaborative radio, sending out important and un-important stuff like music, talk, interviews, soundscapes, radio plays, weather forecast,dreams, homemade jingles from our "jingle booth", storytelling, news, karaoke-singing a...

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The Pre-Meditated Borderland Retreat


Slow down as you take the inner road to the Borderland. Drop-in-as-you-like retreat one week BEFORE the main event, with meditation, contemplation and your own process.

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Bsb placeholder square

In the beginning there was light.... and sound...lots of sound. Our dream is to co-create the mother of sound. Three (3) camps will in collaboration take responsibility of what last year was known as 'The Barn'.

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Hookah Lounge

Hemingway hookah lounge

Welcome to the mind-opening, heart-warming, and thought-provoking Hookah Lounge. In the comfort of oriental mats, cushions, and bubbling water pipes, your mind is invited to wander freely across the night skies.

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Paint with your Body - Workshop event

Bsb placeholder square

It is going to be messy. It is going to be beautiful. I have a dream about a painting workshop, where our body are the brush. Big canvases on the floor. Where you can dance a painting. Role, crawl a painting. Finger paint. etc.

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Postcards to future YOU


You are not today who you were yesterday. You leaving the Borderland will not be the same as you who entered it. What if the Borderland 2016 you would be able to leave a message for the future you?

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Port of Entropy

20150901  mur3649

From the surging waves of the baltic sea, the legendary Pike of Mana comes ashore on Boesdal Beach. This party pike comes with a massive sound system that will bring sound waves pounding on the shore, once the the pike opens its giant jaws.

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WONder CUrenTS

Bsb placeholder square

Born of aquabooth and Ian's Neptunian surge,a pop-up playful place for expressions ,accoustic music, dance ,impro and joy.A deep, safe abode of calm power welling up into the trippiest of magic--singing hearts. In a shelter rigged with old sea-...

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Self outlet video expression – The wisdom of th...


A video booth. 3 questions. Capturing moments in time. How free can you be when a camera is rolling, how are you able to express your truth? It can be a challenge to speak in front of a camera, what does it bring forth in you? Inspiration or hesit...

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The Star Gate


Enter a parallel universe – an escape in time and place to relax under a glowing night sky scattered with star seed. The Space Dome is a retreat from gravity, where you and a fellow space traveler can drift away and gaze into space through a teles...

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Butt cleaners

Bsb placeholder square

I want to minimize ash and cigarette MOOP by handing out portable ash trays that will make it easy for participants to avoid spreading ash, cigarette butts and other filters/mouth pieces on the grounds.

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Sign Posts!

Sign design

Put up one of our beautiful signs on the strategicaly placed sign posts. Show people the way to whatever you like them to know where is.

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Pimp your outfit - make it shine!


In this workshop you will transform a piece of clothing into a marvelous shiny outfit!

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Stardust galaxy manicure nail art

The nails of the participants of Borderland have never been more beautiful!!

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Double Toilet with Sea View

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By the exit to the sea. Just to the left. Is a little mountain. On the the top of that mountain we will build a toilet. A toilet with 2 seats. A toilet with only 3 walls. A toilet with a view to the sea.

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The Black Cloud - Heated Swimmingpool


A hovering black cloud. Its' eternal rain accumulates in a heated swimming pool where we combine our wicked rain dances with refreshing baths. Tears mix with sea water in stroboscope light. Black cotton candy is handed out by dirty punk rock angels.

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the Exit


Our dream is to be prepared for you, but to never be needed. Or needy. Primarily to provide first aid to help keep the body and mind of all borderlings happy.

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Spiders love nest

Spider love nest

Enter the spiders net and lovenest by walking across the slackline, or use the ropes to climb up to it from the bottom of the crater. Here you can hang out, chill, make love, expand the nest or net with ropes... what ever you would love to do.

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The Giant Black Board


A 6 meter long, 2.4 meter tall black board. For announcements, scheduling, art, and fuckery.

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Flourescent Marble Race


Let's co-create one long crazy construction for a track of flourescent marble race during The Borderland. We will build a basic structure and then anyone can develop and re-design the track with loops, hoops, bends and burrows.

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Chalkboard Car


It’s a car. It’s a chalkboard. Get your cray on, grab a crayon and radically express yourself.

The Sounds of Borderland


Speakers hidden all over the quarry to give you an unexpected sound experience where you wouldn't expect it.

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Dream tree


A tree where you can leave something behind, that you don't need in your life anymore by writing on laser cut leaves. The tree will be one of 10 trees that will all be lit up by LED spotlights from below. Everything left will be burned on the last...

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The QQQ Gender Swap Workshop

Swap genders with the machine to be another designboom 01

Go fuck yourself.

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Dr Strangetub or: How I Stopped Worrying and Re...


A badtunna at BL! No further summarizing necessary as far as I'm concerned! What more could you possibly ask for? Being in a hot tub is second only to being in a hot tub on a boat. Or in space. But that would require effort to keep the water insid...

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The awakening of the flappity creature of light...


We are building a transparent kinetic bird/wave/tomopteris (GIF-SEARCH THAT SHIT!) moving through the pyramid. 10 meters long, with its wing span of 6 meters it is moving graciously in waves, WITH FRIGGIN' LASERS! (but only we make the full funding!)

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The Freeloading Puppet Family fon Fatteltwaat


We live only of your love and attention. Turn away one second and we will die. Immediately. Meet the Freeloading Puppet Family fon Fatteltwaat.

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Wild Babuschka - Holistic health yard

Bsb placeholder square

A place for healing & balance. Get away from the madness of Borderland & rewind at our yard. Here you will be able to relax, recover, detox, recharge and be taken care of inside & out with rich & conscious food, healthy treatments and wealthy happ...

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will be a little installation where you stick your head in a box of mirrors which create an "infinite reflection" to be viewed by another person on the other side of the box... so bit of a shared experience :)

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Greetings from....


Greetings from The Borderland. A box with a hole in it. Papers with images / drawings / text on it. YOU make it personal. YOU say who is the recipient is. The paper goes in the hole and down into box. The paper is delivered. Simple as that.

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House of Black Light


A small nexus of sound and glow sending out chill vibes to passers by and sitters down.

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The Oraculator


Step into the starry universe, take a deep breath, think about the immense questions of life and our existence - and ask the Oraculator for the answers you’ve been silently pondering about.

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A 10m wide geometric flower shaped light sculpture. It's six arms stretches out in expanding symmetries. The space between each layer of leaves opens a path for wanderers to enter and spiral towards it's open center, beneath the center of the pyra...

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Turing Hole™


Remember that late-night, romantic magic you found on instant messenger when you were a teenager. Oh, they were so far away, as willing as you but impossible to get. Well, look no further for the most satisfying and scintillating recreation.

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The Palace of The Space - 3 Dream Projects for ...


The Space is our awesome Borderland community Heart Space. This year we need your support to expand capacity from 200 to 400- more cosy Workshop/Acoustic/Yoga/cabaret space for the community, beautiful extra sails and a Wizards Hat..

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Shitopia - Magnificent toilet experiences!


Shitopia is the concept of making our toilet visits into magnificent, interesting, bizarre and fun experiences! Do YOU have experience in using a toilet and a slightly twisted mind? Join us today!

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The Port


The Port is the greeter station at this years Borderland 1100 members will be registered and welcomed. We will welcome each member register them and give them a wristband.

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Zombie Survival Adventure Game 2: The Return


They're baaaaaack... well, the virus never really left. It simply burrowed itself deeper into the brains of the infected... ever seeking, yearning, for more ways to spread...

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The Borderboard Balloon


A weather balloon of approx 4m soaring 100m or so above the festival area with a matrix of LED lights which are controlled from the ground, where everyone can draw or write their message to the festival.

Granting not enabled

the milk bar ( name might change)


we loved to built the last years water station "the udder" because it was so much fun, we would love to build a special water-station again :)

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Knitting and Crochet as a form of meditation will be offered at the Heart Glow. Knitting and Crochet are meditative and relaxing and also a very fulfilling social activity! We invite all Borderlings to knit/Crochet something that will become art!

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ART CAR - Mobile PoWWoW


“Tim’s Mobile Powwow” is an energetic, spirit spreading, dynamic ART CAR experience with ambition to enhance and encourage spontaneous PoWWoW!

Granting not enabled



2 minutes silent eye contact, an intimate meeting between two people. What happens when we stop for a little while to just meet eyes? Nothing, everything? Magic? After 2 minutes, the participants will get an opportunity to kiss (optional but recom...

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The Aqua Booth


Enter the world of the Aquarian's: dress in fishy costumes, pose, smile & snap a picture! In this photo booth with an underwater feeling, listen to the the deep sea, create ocean-like scenarios and become one of its inhabitants.

Granting not enabled



Do you sometimes fantasize about this magical world, where rivers are full of sweet tea, mountains of chocolate, trees grow all sort of sweets, gingerbread houses and marshmellow clouds? Welcome to Candyland!

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sansespill- an immersive theatre experience


Would you dare to venture on a journey you did not know where ended? Would you dare to follow our signs, under trees and over rocks, deep into the forest?

Granting not enabled

kakophonium revisited


Kakophonium is back a tent inviting all bo to experiment the borderland between noise and music, a place to jam and a stage to perform at

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__________ / odile / gator / saurus / iraffe


Fill in the blanks: _______ is a ___ multi-million year old dream to ________ and __________ . A ______ metre large eye and ______ and ________ will be __________ and _________ for all far and wide ______ to _________ and ________ Grrrrrrrooowwl

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Lets get pretty together!


Lets put on glitter and headpieces on together. Come and facepaint a stranger. Make a mask that transform you.

Granting not enabled

Sparking conversations


A few barrels of fire to drive the cold away at night and to spark interesting conversations with old and new friends.

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The Bunny Tunnel - Rabbit Hole


No true Alice Experience is complete without a tunnel that carries you between this world and the world of dreams and imagination.

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The Chillout Chai Tent


Round the clock chillout with Chai!

Granting not enabled

Night Soup Kitchen


Will provide some nourishment for tired wanderers of the night by cooking soup every evening.

Granting not enabled



We want to create a temple of celebration to the cunt: Hail, enter and hang out in "da illumious marvellous clitorial hood"! We want you all to come, and come again, into the holy Cuntemple where cunts and cocks and related matters align and gather.

Granting not enabled

The Space Nomads Mushroom Forest


A glowing mushroom forest with a 3m tall mushroom that you can interact with as a centerpiece. Around it a dozen smaller glowing mushroom reside. Under the hat of the large mushroom there's a cuddly area for people to lay down.

Granting not enabled



wonderwall amazement wonder love bordervision growing glowing loving blowing awesome move hypnotize breathe! WOW!

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Electric Temples


At BL there will be ~25 power distribution boxes, unprotected, ugly, unappreciated. If you don't want to power to fail regularly when it rains, they need keeping dry with beautiful, co-created, rainproof shrines, which you are invited to decorate.

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A bright light flickering deep in the forest draws the bravest and most curious fireflies of Borderland into the woods for a profound encounter with the natural reality we all face.

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Japanese Izakaya


Do you also sometimes feel that you had that great experience and want to tell someone but words are not enough? Well we want to create a bar, specifically a japanese izakaya where you can recreate that magical moment again and share it with other...

Granting not enabled

Your happiness, our duty. The Clown Police.


The Clown Police believe that the highest level of well-being is happiness. To achieve this, all basic needs (sleep/food,/shelter/safety) must first be met. For anyone who has lost track of those needs, the Clown Police commits to provide them wit...

Granting not enabled

The Secret Experience


Ridiculously long straws, liquid smoke, masks, stones, umbrellas, kidnappers We want to keep this project as mysterious as possible. We want to take you on a magical journey, using our senses and playing together. It involves kidnapping and a bit...

Granting not enabled

Wind and Magic

Bsb placeholder square

"You're on the bluff, overlooking the sea at Boesdal. You smell seaweed. You hear the sound of waves, caressing rocks and flesh alike. The wind is playing with your hair... and powering stuff! [lights and more!]" The sea marvels.

Granting not enabled

The Suspended Vacuum Cube


Would YOU also like to get vacuum packed? And then lifted from the ground hanging weightless in the air? Now you can! With the help of a chained latex vacuum cube hanging from the ceiling of the pyramid. It is The Suspended Vacuum Cube.

Granting not enabled

The Clay Slapping Field


We looove clay. In the Clay Slapping Field you get a big chunk of clay and the chance to build whatever you want to and then slap it back to nothingness again. Put your emotions into a big punch that lands in deliciously wet and earthy clay.

Granting not enabled

The Slimepit!


“In the outskirts of The Borderlands - where dream and reality meets, and where dream and nightmare meets. Lies an ancient mystical shrine. A place where those who enter will undergo a ritual of being covered in a strange ooze. It is THE SLIMEPIT!"

Granting not enabled

The Costume Cubby


A cute little space with costumes to share with the community. Feeling cold? Come let us lend you a glamorous coat! Just arrived with no party clothes? Borrow ours! Want to find that perfect accessory for the evening? We're here to help.

Granting not enabled

Visions of the future


We get the world we can imagine! The dark forces have their visions straight - it's time for us to create ours!

Granting not enabled

The Undead Fetish Frightday Fest! (aka TUFFF!)


This year at The Borderland, there will be a Grande Undead Fetish Fashion Fest (GUFFF). Join us at this mad bastard party and dress up as your favourite undead fetish! The Undead Fetish Frightday Fest! (aka TUFFF!).

Granting not enabled

The Rabbit Hole


This year The Rabbit Hole will focus on finding the white rabbit - self-exploration activities and inner space travels. We'll set up a Mushroom Forest, an Eardrobe, a Recovery bar, a Kinky Rabbit Corner, host Morning Philosophy and The Bunny Ball!

Granting not enabled

Twisted Spa


A dream for the water: Modular raft structure, carrying a transparent geometric amazing sauna, bringing the heat in late borderland nights. A place for yoga, tea ceremonies, swim spectacles & unbelievable beauty treatments. Beach house of lust, ha...

Granting not enabled

The Eardrobe


A magical wardrobe that turns participants into a rabbit - for an hour, an evening, a day or an entire week.

Granting not enabled

Painted By The Borderland


You are invited to create a big drawing and come to Borderland with it. This drawing will be painted on by participants during the Borderland week, using UV paint and brushes, at our camp. At the end of the event, the drawing (now painted) is your...

Granting not enabled

Temple of emotions


My friends, my loves, my joys. I am the tempel for all emotions, thoughts and hearts. Write your feelings, wishes, regrets on my wings. Be your past, present and future in my core. And when I burn, I will fly to the sky and take your words with me.

Granting not enabled

SilentRick - sound with glow to go


100 wireless 3-channel headphones linked up to a rickshaw, transmitting hypnotising sounds to the Borderlings.

Granting not enabled

Rope-body-mind-heart yurt


A tied rope is physical, emotional and mental dialogue between people, and ones own body, mind and heart. A yurt is an Mongolian round mobile structure built in wood and canvas. Together they fuse tranquillity and a zen-like experience.

Granting not enabled

Plastacean Migration


Glowstones have gathered at the shores of the Baltic Sea. Is it migration or evolution? At night, the glowstones pulsate and sing, while they move at an unperceivable rate out of the oceans.

Granting not enabled